Visions of Adonai Insight Award

Hello Kiki,

I am pleased to write that Bakima's place has won the Visions of Adonai "Insight" and "Web Genius" Awards.
Your site scored 9.8 out of 10 in meeting the selection criteria.

The layout, design and content of your site have a rich aesthetic yet professional quality. The colors are appealing and complement your images.
Navigation is straight forward, graphics and titling are attractive. Your html code was great. You showcase this manificent creature in an interesting way.
The Flash navigation bar is exceptional.

Visions of Adonai Web Genius Award

Webkin Gold Award

Congratulations! You have won our GOLD award!
Well Done! Your web page was good in both design
and content. Keep up the good work!

TKD Best Web Award

Hello Kiki Janson

First, I would like to personally thank you for visiting our website and applying for our award. We do appreciate it.
Second, I would like to extend my congratulations to you.
I have visited your site. It is a real " Best Design site " and I am pleased to award you this "TKD Best Web Award". You have a very nice site and your content is informative, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.

Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)

Libby's Award + da Dude Award

Thanks for your patience.

Beautiful job - unique style! You are most welcome to the The Libby Award.
Buster would also like you to accept da Dude Award.
Please link awards to award pages. Fingers crossed we'll have you on winners list in the few days.

Lib and gang

NEM 5 Award - Bronze

Dear Kiki,

Your website, Bakima's Place, has earned the Nem5 Web Maggic Bronze Award. You have created a wonderful site and I would like to thank you from my wholestaff for the enjoyable time we spent there.

Issa's Award

Hi Kiki !!

I'm VERY PROUD to give you Issa's award !

Very kind regards


Papi's & Nick's Funny Website Award

Hiiiii Bakima

Nick and I would like to give you our "Funny Website Award", hope you will accept it. Nick and I have our own Ridgeback forum......"bRReaking news"......Here is the address where you can see the other winners......we are very picky!! Here is what we wrote regarding your site: Bakima Imani of Sambesi Waters are a very well made website with Flash effects. The website are very stylish and we loved the "African look". The photos of Bakima are presented in a cool way......But then again Bakima is a cool RR. Don't forget visit " RR Crimes".......Hahahahah........

Wof..wof.....from Nick and Papi

Monolith Bronze Award of Excellence

Hello Kiki Janson,
Thank you for inviting me to visit your website. I enjoyed my
stay in it and I found it to be very informative, with rich and original content.
It has a very nice layout, there's no technical errors, and it's easy to navigate. Your website is a shining example of web perfection. That's why it gives me great honor to inform you that your website qualifies for the Monolith Bronze Award of Excellence. It has earned a score of 78 on my score board.

Beautiful Site Award

Thank you so much for visiting my site and requesting one of my awards.
I enjoyed my visit to your site, Bakima's place, very much. Your pages are all beautifully done with very interesting and creative content. I am so very impressed with your graphics and your design... this site definitely leaves a lasting impression of beauty. I am very pleased to award you with my Beautiful Site Award.

Silver Award from Poul (the beauty and the beast)

In cooperation with my friend - professional Web-designer Kenn Sander have I evaluated your web-site.


I'm very pleased to present you with this "Award of Silver". For your great site.

Art Rose Beauty Award

You have won the Art Rose Award for A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE.
Only the very best Web Sites on the net will get it..

Perfect Vision Award

Hello Kiki:

Congratulations on your achievement! I am pleased to present "Bakima's place" with the Perfect Vision Bronze Award. Your elegant and skilful presentation of unique content ensures your status as a creative visionary.

hot dog site Award

With these words I send your our hot dog site award!

You have an extremely stylish and well working site, it it a pleasure to visit

(-wish I could do something like that).

Warmest greetings to you from Finland
Tuula & Vauhtinakki mini dachsies

Papi's SupeRR Ridgeback Site Award

Hi Bakima,

We loved you and and your website so much that we are giving you our RR Award, hope you will accept it.

We have added your link on our RR link
page and we'll also add you on the winner list as soon as possible.

Love from Jorunn & Papi

BTDEsign Award - BEST SITE

Dear Kiki,
It gives me great pleasure to announce your website Bakima's place has won the premier BT DESIGN AWARD, BEST SITE!

Thank you for inviting me to see such an original and graphically astounding canine site. Elegance is the key word of your site. The unique use of Flash and other graphical elements show us at best your high creativity. All thumbs up and BRAVO!.

Best of the Web 2001 - Bronze

I enjoyed surfing your
site, and
I am sure everybody else will too.

You have won the Bronze Award!

P.S. Very close to Silver. I like the site. The navigation is a little
hard to read the way you have it now.

Dark Witch's Award of Excellence

Hey there!
Thanx for applying!
I've been to your site and I really like it! :)

We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, unique graphic displays and content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the "Pet" and "Personal" awards and wish you continued success into the future.

Top Dog Award

Congratulations kiki janson!
On Wednesday, February 7, 2001 at 02:42:38, you won our most sought
after award!
Your web site has been chosen to receive the TopDog Web Award for web
site design, content and entertainment value in an animal related web site.

Favourite Pet Award

Hello Kiki,

We thank you for inviting us to visit your home on the Internet. We applaud your site's ease of navigation, unique graphic displays and content. It is with great pleasure that we give you the "Pet" and "Personal" awards and wish you continued success into the future.

Personal Site Accomplishment Award

Liver Lovers Silver

Hi Bakima ;-)

I would like to congratulate you on winning Liver Lovers Silver Award (rated 3.0 by Focus and 4 stars by Paris Excellence).
This is the first award of this level to go out to a site about Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I congratulate you on a truly well built site with very nice content! A waz amazed by the design which I find very innovative and futuristic! As this award is very hard to win you should se it as a token that you have built one of the best canine sites on the net!
Tobias Strandh, Liver Lovers

Sannys Graphic Design Award of Excellence

Hi Bakima!
Thanks for visiting my site:) My compliments to you for your magnificant site. Great proffesional photos of your Ridgeback. I will back soon to your site...
Sannys best Award to you:)
Greetings from Alexandra and my german shepherd dog Sanny, Sweden

Animal friendly site

After taking a look at your site, I think it does deserve this award, you must really love your dog's breed from what i can tell. Keep up the great work.

Buster's yum-yum AWARD

We have been to your site, wow!!!! Great!!!
Mom really was surprised by all those wonderful JavaScripts!!! She has been trying to make that herself, but that is too difficult for simple mom, she uses script clever heads made.

And let's not forget what your site is made for: for your beautiful Bakima. A lovely dog. Luckily her breed is not so popular, so it will stay a healthy breed with all the specific characteristic.

Of course your site deserves my award!

Golden Award from Dzenga

CONGRATULATION with your site, it's the most beautifull site I ever saw, are you a webmaster ?

I 'l sent you my golden award and rr award, I hope they are good enough for such a beautifull site

RR Award