IRR Rebel Award

Dear Kiki and Bakima,

It is our pleasure to award your site the Imbuka "Rebel Award" for an outstanding creative design, clean layout, great graphics, and originality. "Rebel Up!"

Imbuka Rhodesian Ridgebacks
"The Rebels of the Rogue"

Andrea's Pet Site Award

Hello!!! Thank you for submitting for "Andrea's World Web Site Awards"!! I have looked over your site, and had a great time doing so!! What a great page you have!! I have awarded you my Pet Site of the Month award.

Please link your award to either:

http://trak.to/dre or http://trak.to/andrea

Congratulations on your award and keep up the great job!!! :o)


Yellopet Link der Woche

Bakima Imani of Sambesi Waters

Life and Crimes of a true Rhodesian Ridgeback

Gänsehaut lässt sich schwer beschreiben und so geht es uns auch bei dieser Seite. Gänsehaut ist schon beim Einstieg garantiert, wenn sich die Karte Afrikas, umhüllt von afrikanischen Klängen, als Flash-Navigation aufbaut. Das stolze Porträt der kleinen Löwenhündin Rhodesian Ridgeback "Bakima Imani of Sambesi Waters" und ein Design à la "Best in Show" lässt einen endgültig in afrikanische Sphären tauchen und macht Lust, die Abenteuer des eindrucksvollen Hundes sofort nach zu erleben.


Gold Award - Canada Graphics

Your web-site has been reviewed, excellent graphics and layout.

Your site qualifies for Canada Graphics (excellence of design) Award, 2002

Congratulations on a job well done.

Dumles & Noggers Awards

Hi! What a great homepage you have, I will put in a link to your page if it's allright with you? Here are two of my awards for your great homepage:)

Greetings from Catarina & her dogs

Animal Lover Site Award, the Loving Site Award + Golden Rose Award

I visited you site and it is great! I am attaching some awards I felt you deserved as well. :)

Angel Bobbi


Nick's Royal Award

Hi Bakima Imani with mom!

I just visit your great site. What a great design and layout!
I just love it. Also your Flash intro is great!
I'm gonna send you Nick's Royal Award.
Good luck!
Bakima Imani is really a cute girl.
Hugs from Sirke and Nick// Sweden


Neovizion Award - Silver


Thank you for submitting for the Gold Award. I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too.

Dzenga's Award

I sent you the award that you like so much. I think it's this one,

Linda and Dzenga

Cute'n cuddly Award from FurAllOver

I am proud to announce that you have been chosen to receive the Cute n Cuddly award for display on your page.

Design Award - Silber von Bombel.Net

Hallo Kiki!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Unsere Jury hat nun endlich abgestimmt!

Punkte: (1-10)
Design: 7
Information: 6
Bedienung: 7

Und die Stimmen: "Endlich wieder eine wirklich gute Privathomepage!"
"Die Musik am Anfang ist sehr harmonisch"
"Angenehmes und übersichtliches Design!"

Rory Award

Many thanks for your kind visit to Pete's Page and applying for my award.

The requested award is attached and wear it well you certainly deserve it.

Web Award Bronze - moffoys.de

Glückwunsch !

Deine Homepage wurde mit dem "Bronze-Award" ausgezeichnet !
Du wirst in die Gewinnerliste eingetragen!


Cool Canine Site Award from WorkingDogWeb

I am proud to announce that you have been chosen to receive the Cute n
Cuddly award for display on your page.

Deputy Aspen Award


Hello, very nice site and I/we think it deserves my award but Maw says please sign our guestbook
You have three to chose from, enjoy!!

Aussie Hugs
Aspen & Maw Barb

'Good Dog' site award


You Won The I-Love-Dogs.com 'Good Dog' Site Award!

You should be very proud! Your site is awesome, and you are going to enjoy the increased traffic you get from winning this prestigious award!

Congrats Again!
The I-Love-Dogs.com 'Good Dog' Site Award Team

dogmark.net cool dog site of the day

Dear kiki:

Hello, I am Takashi Ito, a Webmaster of dogmark.net
"Cool DOG Site of the Day" introducing Cool Dog Site of the World everyday.

Congratulations! "dogmark.net"selected your wonderful site ( == Bakima Imani == = http://www.bakima.com ) for "Cool DOG Site of the Day" on July 5,2001.
And the site will be introduced on that day.


"dogmark" also selecet monthly BEST DOG Site.
Your Site is surely the nominee for monthly BEST DOG Site.
Many thanks again for your Cool DOG Site.
I really enjoyed your DOG Site.

Best regards,

Takashi Ito

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